Good afternoon everyone! 
So if you have been following me you know that I have been working on many side projects over the last few years. Last year I did #Projectglow, in order to help me learn how to use colored lights in a controlled setting under low lighting conditions. I also shot many other forms of night photography like night street shoots, night fair shots, and astrophotography. These shoots pushed me into low light conditions working with long exposure and difficult shooting situations outside my comfort zone.

The reason I have been doing these is because I needed to gain these skills in order to take on the Form of art/photography known as Light Painting!
I got out for my first session with my beautiful girl Sarah Mayes and put all the things I have learned into practice.
I still have a ways to go in this art form but I am very excited at where this will take me creatively. So many ways to explore movement and sound though light painting!
Welcome to #Projectlightpainting

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